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A bandagem elástica como recurso terapêutico na motricidade orofacial: um estudo bibliográfico

Resumo: Introduction: The severity of muscle orofacial pain is related to the movements and functional activities of the muscles involved, orofacial dysfunction is a common clinical characteristic that is associated with disorders and dysfunctions of the masticatory musculature. Currently, health professionals have used several resources to assist in therapy, one of these resources is the elastic bandage as a therapeutic resource for orofacial motricity therapy, the present study proposes to investigate the effectiveness of elastic bandage as a therapeutic resource in orofacial motricity. Methodology: a bibliographic survey of national and international scientific articles published between 1999 and 2020 was carried out, which report on the use of elastic bandage as a therapeutic resource in speech therapy. Discussion: Elastic bandages are applied over the muscle to provide assistance and support, preventing excessive contractions, improving the range of motion, facilitating venous and lymphatic return. Final considerations: Through the data collected, this study was supported by the most diverse research sources, and it is possible to understand the principles and objectives of the use and methods of applying elastic bandage as well as reviewing the literature on the complexity of orofacial motricity. Keywords: Myofunctional therapy, athletic, facial adjustment. Expandir Resumo Acessar Texto Completo

O impacto do tratamento do cliente com tuberculose internado em uma unidade hospitalar: uma revisão de literatura

Resumo: Introduction: Despite being treatable and curable, tuberculosis can evolve to the severe form that requires hospitalization of the client for an effective recovery, especially when the diagnosis of compulsory diseases is evidenced. The study aims to discuss in the literature the respiratory isolation related to the client with tuberculosis in the hospital environment. This is a literature review study, with a qualitative approach, which had the following research question: How the literature discusses respiratory isolation related to the client with tuberculosis in the hospital environment. The analyzed studies allowed the identification of the thematic unit “Respiratory isolation related to the client with tuberculosis in the hospital environment” and the following categories: 1 The view of the cost of the client with tuberculosis in the hospital environment; 2 Care for clients with tuberculosis in the hospital environment. Review and discussion: To define the search, the inclusion criteria were used: articles available in Portuguese, in the time frame from 2014 to 2018, on the Virtual Health Library website, with the descriptors: Tuberculosis; Respiratory failure; Hospitalization and from 2012 to 2018 in Google Scholar, with the study them. Final considerations: It highlighted the importance of primary care, so that the patient with tuberculosis does not complicate, as this in the hospital environment increases hospitalization costs, as well as may require unconventional treatments for the disease, either due to the multidrug resistance or the individual's aggravated condition. Keywords: client, hospitalization, respiratory failure, isolation, tuberculosis. Expandir Resumo Acessar Texto Completo

Cuidados farmacêuticos na adesão da terapia medicamentosa oral em pacientes onco-pediátricos

Resumo: Introduction: In 2018, childhood cancer in Brazil, according to an INCA estimate, represented 12,500 new cases of cancer and 2,704 deaths. Oral chemotherapy is increasingly used, consisting mainly of reducing hospitalization costs and the route of administration, avoiding the need to use the intravenous route. The support of family, friends and caregivers, as well as pharmaceutical guidance are very important so that the onco-pediatric patient can have a good adherence to oral drug therapy. This study aimed to promote a bibliographic review of the literature in order to identify the main problems related to adherence to oral drug therapy in onco-pediatric patients and pharmaceutical care in guiding the use of drugs in oral therapy. Review: This research was carried out through the review of scientific articles in the databases of electronic portals SciELO, Google Scholar, PubMed related to adherence to oral drug therapy, onco-pediatric patients and pharmaceutical guidance. For this, the keywords were used: “adherence to oral medication”, “pediatric cancer”, “pharmaceutical guidance” and their equivalents in a foreign language (English), which resulted in a total listing of 16 articles. Discussion and final considerations: Adherence to oral therapy is one of the forms of treatment of the disease, some factors can influence adherence, such as: the patient's behavior, socio-demographic factors such as age, education and level of knowledge of children, especially in the early stages of life, guidance and management in the care of pediatric onco patients is necessary. Follow-up, guidance and monitoring by the trained professional are essential for the care of pediatric cancer. Certainly problems related to adherence to oral drug therapy in onco-pediatric patients, influence the response to treatment and the success of therapy. Keywords: adherence to oral medication, pediatric cancer, pharmaceutical guidance. Expandir Resumo Acessar Texto Completo

Relato reflexivo a partir de atividades desenvolvidas em uma unidade de saúde da família no interior da Bahia

Resumo: Introduction: Throughout my journey I was able to discover an interest, in permanent education through the interaction and work that I developed in Primary Health Care. Through these processes of activities developed in daily life, I used the constructive methodology as my ally, in favor of educational movements case report: To demonstrate the results, I decided to develop a reflective report about my daily work, and I will quote excerpts from my cartographic diary, and I will talk about the development of certain activities experienced. Discussion: In my daily work, I was able to observe the existing relationship with EPS in motion, the way the learning process takes place in the educational space without being a cast. When observing the need for knowledge of the users of the unit and the exchange of information regarding breastfeeding obtained in dialogue. Keywords: breastfeeding, popular education, continuing education Expandir Resumo Acessar Texto Completo

Sentimento de felicidade em idosos: o estudo AGEQOL

Resumo: Introduction: In Latin America we observe the growth of the share of elderly people in the population. In Brazil, the age group of people over 65 grew from 3.5 in 1970 to 5.5% in 2000; and the 2010 census counted more than 20 million elderly people aged 60 and over, and this corresponds to 10.78% of the population. In this study, we aim to identify the factors that influence the feeling of happiness in the elderly. Materials and methods: The sampling process was carried out in two stages: in the first, census sectors were selected and in the second, domiciles were selected under the criterion of sharing proportional to the size of each sector, being interviewed resident individuals with 60 years old and over, regardless of marital status or degree of kinship. The absolute and relative frequencies for all variables in relation to happiness were calculated using the chi-square test, with an acceptable margin of error of 5%. Then a logistic regression was performed with the variables that reached statistical significance below 0.25 (p<0.25). The final adjusted model kept only the variables that reached the level of 5% of statistical significance (p<0.05). The effect of the complex sample design was considered in all analyses performed using the statistical software SPSS version 18.0. Results and discussion: Participated in the study 2052 elderly, with ages ranging from 60 to 106 years. Happiness was influenced by: age, gender, schooling, marital status, religion, caregiver, ABVD, AIVD and cognitive deficit. Final considerations: The study showed that happiness in elderly can be influenced by a series of factors and each one of them must be observed with enough attention in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of this population. Keywords: well-being, active aging, happiness, elderly. Expandir Resumo Acessar Texto Completo

Psoríase e sua ligação com os aspectos psicológicos

Efetividade do tratamento odontológico preventivo em pacientes com fissuras labiopalatinas no ambulatório de odontopediatria do hospital geral de Cuiabá – MT

Rumores e condutas coletivas na pandemia: a teoria do complô sobre a origem da COVID-19

O papel da fisioterapia no ambiente hospitalar

Implantação da Psicologia do Esporte no Município de Itajaí: Atuação do psicólogo junto a Fundação Municipal de Esporte e Lazer (FMEL)

Resumo: Introduction: In view of the relevance of the new science of sports training called Sports Psychology that has fundamental importance to the athletes with regard to the optimization of sport performance, the present project aims to implement Sport Psychology in the Municipality of Itajaí together the FMEL. Review: It is a bibliographical review article with a descriptive character that points out that the biopsychosocial aspect considers mental health as important as physics in relation to the emotions and mental structures of the athletes. Discussion: Sport psychology is considered a study of the behavioral and emotional factors that influence and are influenced by sports performance. Final considerations: It is observed that the psychologist's role in the psychic health of a sports team develops starting from the emotions experienced by the athletes in their daily lives. Keywords: Municipal Sports and Leisure Foundation, implementation, sports psychology. Expandir Resumo Acessar Texto Completo